Blog Post · Timlan meeting #1 minutes - 2013-09-28

Timlan meeting #1 minutes - 2013-09-28 ^

Posted On Monday 30 September 2013 by Murray Colpman (Muzer)

We have decided to post the results of our weekly meetings on the blog.

  1. We decided that titan (to) is fine as it is. Definition added from Wiktionary at a later date.

  2. We decided that the syntax of ton is fine, but the English shorthand has been changed to "self-determining", which is less misleading.

  3. The Tring Timlan logo was adopted despite its offcentreness. An alternative version for Timlan Lookup was developed and put in place.

  4. Documentation on the Timlan wiki commenced with the Introduction page.

  5. Created a mediawiki plugin for inline TCP, based on Tom's TAIOS plugin.

  6. Identified the use case of a new affix, called erek, for identifying the type of contents of a /!!/ block. This is so humans know what to expect, and so that parsers have a way of knowing whether or not they should try to parse the inside of the block without having to try to parse it first. This should be added and documented at some point in the future.

Next meeting: Friday 2013-10-04