Here you can find all the projects that are created by members of Tim32!


Timlan logo

Latest Version: z-m-y-n-

Project Author: Timlan Team

Timlan is a language under (slow) development by Tim32 to be (in effect) perfect. It has no exceptions we are aware of, and can be spoken or written with Latin Characters (and a couple from ASCII) without capitals.

Its Codename within Tim32 has always been VOS, after the word order, which was originally derived by the creators, and no overlap with professional linguistics was intended.

Inside Tim32 it is pretty much entirely refered to as VOS - The name Timlan (team - lan) was only created to avoid confusion and people getting annoyed at us.

The only real inspiration was a hatred for modern languages. A number of the words are derived from German, but for no particular reason (other than it being familiar).

Keep up to date with changes via the blog: Timlan Blog

Website · Download


TAIOS logo

Latest Version: SVN

Project Author: Tim32 Admin

TAIOS (The All In One System) is a PHP based system designed to keep a central website with just one username and password. It was later ported to the Tim32 website to make it very self contained and altogether.



Planar logo

Latest Version: Denim Lathe (1.0.4069.36747 engine)

Project Author: Freddie Nash

.NET Based Platform game with Optional OpenGL rendering using the free Tao Libraries and FreeGlut - it works on Linux too if you are lucky.

Website · Download