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Timlan is a language intended to be completely unambiguous and precise. In order to achieve this with minimum baggage, we use a verb - object - subject syntax. We are also not afraid of throwing out whole parts of the language, including the entire dictionary, should they prove ineffective.

A simple example sentence

iqeht kel hat~sOpen TCP Editor


  • iq means "to be"
  • -eht is the affix for present tense
  • kel means "good"
  • hat~s means "pasta"

Blocks are infinitely nestable and words can have "shorthand" supplements applied.

The language is in constant [citation needed] development and is therefore rather fun. The Timlan developers are not linguists but programmers, and thus are not constrained by knowledge of conventional human languages, but instead by logic.

Timlan has a few features that set it apart from other supposedly unambiguous constructed languages:

  • The ability to import text from external languages
  • Strict but intuitive phonology lacking diphthongs.
  • No funding whatsoever
  • Words that are made up mostly by mashing keyboards as opposed to weird blends of many languages.
  • The ability to be infinitely extensible with odd special cases without breaking parsers.
  • Online searchable dictionary.
  • An almost-working parser. Two, in fact.
  • An inline translator (now a Mediawiki plugin).