Blog Post · Affix changes again? YES, TIS TURE

Affix changes again? YES, TIS TURE ^

Posted On Tuesday 7 February 2012 by Murray Colpman (Muzer)

Two more affix-related changes have occurred due to our making the fixionary and noticing silly things:

* -ah has been split off into two, -ah and -ame. Don't worry, we haven't done a U-turn on ordinal numbers; this is something else. Words that apply to whole clauses are split off into -ame, and take the old "as" long form (with the peve preposition marker) that the always did; -ah still has the rest with the "iq" long form. It all makes more sense this way.
* Modal verbs now have a long form! It's using mqdq. You don't make it a preposition as it isn't; it affects the meaning of the sentence. You just say: mqdqeht carun eatelem hat~s ei (I can eat pasta). This way, you can say mqdqeht ceveand carun musisen heekaht setuh ei (I can and must die).