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Relative Clauses ^

Posted On Wednesday 8 June 2011 by Freddie Nash (FredFace)

Those things which add more information that can't be considered as valuable to the bulk of the sentence.

This morning we added-relato the army of pre-fixes. Nice and easy to remember, it indicates that a verb is starting a relative block/clause. For Example:

eataht relaiqeht ceveand nrib nrig hat~s ei

Roughy translates as 'I am going to eat pasta that is blue and green'

When you start a new relative section of a sentence, that is like a new sentence all together - inside that the same rule applies, such as in this rather senseless example:

eataht relaiqeht relaiqeht nrib eineta nri hat~s ei

Meaning I will eat pasta that is  a colour, that is blue.

This may lead you to the logical conclusion that the first verb in any sentence should follow suit - as long as you know that it doesn't and don't think about it too hard you should be OK (its just a inferable and clear with and without).

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