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fonti - New VOS Phonology ^

Posted On Thursday 7 October 2010 by Freddie Nash (FredFace)

VOS has a new Phonology!

Its not scary, don't worry, just stricter and more flexible than the old one.

Now, Blending is ILLEGAL! NO BLENDING!

Why? Because blending reduces clarity, and thus ruins everything that VOS is designed for.

Other than that, to stop people blending characters, and make words nicer to say, we are no longer allowing any non-Fricative, non-Nasal constonants to be next to each other.

We have also added new charcters which are blends, but only those which are usful and have an IPA representation. The most notable of these is 't~s'. The format is basiclly a tilda joining 2 chars which when blending make the blended noise. I this case, the 'ts' in cats, hats, bats. This is so that we can have the word 'hats' (pasta), but it will no doubt come in handy in the future.

Unfortuanalty (as we hope you will have worked out) the new rules make some words in VOS ilegal. 'seth', for example. The online DB is currently down, so some services may fail... Muzer is hard at work scripting a system to automatically verify each VOS word, and make ammends if needed.

The upcoming release of the 1.0 VWV has the ability to check the spelling of words now, identifying invalid words by their spelling.

We are hoping to have fonti fully introduced, and the online Dictionary repaired by Monday, when we will almost certainly be declaring VOS functional, and starting work on the 1.1 special vocab aditions.


As ever, the Phonolgy can be found here under the new name of 'fonti'.

We felt a new name for this shiney phonology was neccessary to make it more appealing, and seemingly more 'portable' to other langs that may which to adopt it. If you do (for some good reason, I've given you one) then feel free.