Blog Post · Timlan meeting #8 minutes - 2014-02-14

Timlan meeting #8 minutes - 2014-02-14 ^

Posted On Friday 14 February 2014 by Murray Colpman (Muzer)

We have made up for our massive lack of Timlan meetings, by making a load of important changes to Timlan that fix EVERYTHING, all to do with sets. See the recent blog posts from today for details. BEAST

sup means "is a superset of"

uq means to the same extent as, or of equal set cardinality

Groups make sense as concept and it's a useful term, but they can be thought of as just a set inside another set. This means that some verbs simply operator on the "top set", but others will operate on the members of the top set.

From this train of thought, we are modifying the syntax of these 'set operators' take 'sets' (and 'groups') (and adjectives, sometimes) and the concept of a 'nounoid' in syntax means the elements that comprise a set.

We need to work out what Adjectives are... This has gone on too long now.

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