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VOS -> Timlan ^

Posted On Thursday 9 December 2010 by Freddie Nash (FredFace)

Yes, we've finally given it a name (mainly because it turs out VOS and SVO etc. are infact proper terms).

Timlan (Tim32 + Language) shuold be pronounced as in Fonti, thus: Team-Lan

Most things will remain a 'VOS *' and what-not, its just that if we ever end up talking to anyone who does this sort of thing for a living, we don't want to end up confused and looked down apon.

Oh, just to say - all the docs are out of date... I've started re-writing Comprehensive VOS for VOS 1.0, it's in the VOS 1.0 docs dir.
Enjoy. Lots spelling/grammar errors fixed in the content also. Unclarified sections have been removed for the time being.