Blog Post · Timlan meeting #7 minutes - 2013-11-29

Timlan meeting #7 minutes - 2013-11-29 ^

Posted On Friday 29 November 2013 by Murray Colpman (Muzer)

Timlan, this is, Timlan.

Last week we had a meeting, but we didn't post minutes for it. In that meeting, we made some scripts that are useful for TTS. They can be found in our github organisation (see below).

We added a word for "start" so that we can use time phrases by saying "5 hours after the start of today", for example, for 5am. It should be relatively self-explanatory - just remember that you use afrax/whatever before is with tion.

We also fixed VOSFace to do UTF-8-ing properly, as well as the timlan lookup tool.

Oh, we also fixed input.php because it was broken, again.

Finally, we decided that Soviet Timlan would be cool and would only have one mood, the imperative.

бинашеьт тимлан суиOpen TCP Editor

We also started using git to store timlanny things. It's not all been placed in git yet, but the stuff that has is here