Blog Post · Uh-oh, glottal stops on the attack again.

Uh-oh, glottal stops on the attack again. ^

Posted On Saturday 16 November 2013 by Murray Colpman (Muzer)

After getting confused with the difference between unogiy? (? is the fonti representation of the normally unwritten and optional schwa, remember?) and unogi? (obviously not a word but there's no reason there couldn't be any similar confusion between actual words), we decided we need to pull our old friend, the glottal stop out of the cupboard again.

They can now go between any two vowels. They still MUST go between two identical vowels, but you can now optionally place them between any two vowels within a word, if it makes pronunciation easier. This includes between the last vowel and the optional schwa.

In this case, you can easily distinguish, therefore, between unogi? and unogiy? - pronounce the former as unogi^? and the latter as it stands.

We might try to come up with a better method of doing this, since it's mildly horrific. In the mean time, this probably works fine.