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DB Fail ^

Posted On Monday 16 April 2012 by Freddie Nash (FredFace)

Ok, so, from the start, I have done an AWFUL job of the Timlan word database. Now that I have less free time, I've been thinking that maybe I should expend valuable time sorting out word catagories (yes, catagories) because they are really unhelpful.

As mentioned before, prepositions have always been distinct, and there originally (and currently (and from now onwards)) this is pointless.

The biggest issue is that adjectives have always been 'nouns'.

Only recently did this strike me a stupid, all for the same reasons that we added 'aq' (typeof). Here is why

Adjective in use:

iqeht ripeli timlan

Noun in use:

aqeht c-eta langer timlan


So, if the other Timlan engineer(s) agree, I will whitle away hours (minutes?) going through the nouns and changing those that are adjectives into nouns.

In Developing Timlan, we make a point of not being wary of ripping it apart and re-build whole slices of the lush cake like metaphor for it. However, this is as good an instance of forward planning as any. Had I not been mislead by my desire to remove all the forms of is, I would have had an adjective catagory, and all would have been good in every way, as if we decied to change them all to nouns (hypothetically) we could do so with a simple script.

Enough of me typing, just really wanted to let you (valued probably non-existant readers) know that a bigish (slow) change might incur, and to remind you that with Timlan you are never in doubt about what a word in a real sentence is, even if the dictionary lies.