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Vocab['o'].Clock ^

Posted On Thursday 15 December 2011 by Freddie Nash (FredFace)


Yes, Vocab-o-Clock has DIED,and returned, but more fun!

Here is why:
- There is no longer a specific time on which the post will be made (and it doesn't have to be daily, how dramatic is that?)
- There are an arbitrary number of words defined

On with the vocab (not all nouns this time!)

Monitor - siati
Key - kej
Physical Array - dasik
Array [programming] - dasin
Keyboard [physical array of keys] - kejasik
Compute - komput [VERRRRRRRRRRRRRRB]
Null - nul
Compile - asim [ VERB}
ConCatEnate - miaw (V.b.*/
Processing unit - roce
CPU - rocec
GPU - roceg
FPU - rocef
PPU - rocep (phyics)
KPU - rocek (kookie processing unit; oven)
DSP - roced (digital signal processor)
Web (of worldwide) - lir
Internet - lira
Mouse - kilik