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New Number System ^

Posted On Monday 3 October 2011 by Freddie Nash (FredFace)

I say NEW, we didn't really have one before...

BUT, in a moment on simplicity, we have devised a nice number system. It works like this:

Each digit (0-F (Hexadecimal)) is allocated a consonant or fricative (B through V), and numbers are spoken per-digit as this phone with the 'a' from 'father' vowel following it.

You represent this vowel in written Timlan as '-'. When you see '-', you must think of it as a vowel, rather than a marker or anything.

The digit/phones are as follows:

b - 0
c - 1
d - 2
f - 3
g - 4
h - 5
j - 6
k - 7
l - 8
m - 9
n - A
p - B
r - C
s - D
t - E
v - F

This means that the number 125 (7D in hex) is: k-s-, pronounced something like "karsar" (Southern non-rhotic British English)

As mentioned above, the written notation k-s- is used, making the relevant phone clear, and indicating it is a number directly. Any place a dash is, the 'a' sound will be. It follows the final digit (ie. s-c-d-eta)

That is about all there is...

Changes to the BD and VOS Parsers... I have to update the parser a bit to actually support numbers. The digits in the DB will be removed, and possibly replaced by a phonetics system, based on the new phones (so that numbers can be stated extra clearly (ie. saying phone numbers down a bad line)).


Odkupiciela. czmychac Przestancie.

Posted On Wednesday 1 March 2017 by Tannerclons (Tannerclons)

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Posted On Saturday 23 July 2022 by kapriolzzu (kapriolzzu)

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