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Affixiation ^

Posted On Tuesday 7 June 2011 by Freddie Nash (FredFace)

Snigger snigger (like drowning? no? OK)

We are having a great night! Lots of good changes to Timlan!

We have changed all the nasty post and pre fixes, so that they conform to fonti (always).

The new list is as follows.



The new conjunction and prepostiion pre-fixes conserve clarity of syntax without knowledge of vocab. If a preposition happens to have a tense denoting postfix, this represents a short hand of the verbiq(to be), eg:

peveinaf /!France!/ iqeht setuh ei
P        O          V     O     S


peveinafeht /!France!/ ei
P (V)       O          S

The introduction of these new prefixes make the usage ofelemfor convaying prepositions and conjunctions redundant, and flawed, so don't use it unless as explained a bit above. elemnow does just indicate the generic tense.


The Timlan team