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Posted On Saturday 16 April 2011 by Freddie Nash (FredFace)

Been revising some grammar and such, here are some revisions.

!WARNING! These changes will (officially) be part of 1.1, but we suggest you learn them instead of 1.0, as they are significant. Online resources currently don't support the new '-ent' (read on) postfix.

Prepositions now have a proper postfix, so arn't really verbs anymore. Enjoy this example:

iqeht inafent eimai lapopis ei
V     P (OS)  OS    O       S

In English:

I am in my house
S V  P  OS O

This means Prepositions are form of supliment.

Modal Verbs
These seem to make sense... when in doubt, try jamming sel in as a subject (make it reflexive), eg:

musiseneht eataht hat~s sel ei
V          V      O     S   S

Putting ei in again would be weird...

Modal verbs may end up as Adverbs.

Remember kim? Well, you probably won't need to soon. It would apppear that it acts as an overcomplicated work around to the main issues resolved by the resolves above. Expect a post soon declaring its removale.

I'm VERY happy about this (though, it means ripping quite a bit of code out of parser, which takes time), no doubt anyone who thought they uderstood it (I didn't) is too.