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Posted On Thursday 21 October 2010 by Freddie Nash (FredFace)

Yes, it does exist.

Planar is a fun platformer, where you run about and are vapourised regularly inorder to reach the next level.

Its heavily under development at the moment and the game can be downloaded here:

It uses some slightly hacky Line Collsion detection I wrote almost a year ago, and currently adopts Glut and OpenGL for the rendering. There is a GDI+ rendering 'option', but this sequence is no longer updated.

Planar uses Tao and FreeGlut, where before it employed the 'SimpleGLControl'. This change happened only today and so it all looks a bit haphazard (2 forms, one accepts input, one render).

If you like moding games, you might as well mod Planar, is could hardly be easier. Here are some reasons why:
- Nothing is compressed
- 'Animations' comprise of string referenced PNGs
- It has a nice set of commands (the docs for which I can't be bothered to update, just read the code if you need to find something)
- Runtime console helps debugging (levels etc.) and can result in excessive amounts of fun
- As implied, I provide the source
- I'll probably write a tutoruial for moding at some point

Have fun.