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Posted On Tuesday 3 December 2013 by Murray Colpman (Muzer)

Because I'm bored/crazy/something, I decided that I'll blog about every train journey I make - short or long, eventful or uneventful. This is because Tom Cairns still hasn't fixed RailMiles, and also because I want to show that most train journeys are perfectly normal and when there are delays, they're probably for a good reason (I'll try to find out what that reason is for anything more than about ten minutes).

I have train logs that I've been keeping on my phone to various levels of detail from late July onwards. I might upload these at some point. This logs the journeys I made to a level of detail that will allow me to determine which route the train took (possibly with the help of external documents that I hold), but aren't really intended for public consumption. They also contain the unit numbers on which I travelled (if I remembered to note them down - most of the time), headcodes or train/trip codes or any equivalent that I can find easily, and scheduled (always WTT) and actual timings.

To start us off, next weekend I'll be going to Surrey on the Saturday followed by London on the Sunday, so I should have some interesting things to talk about by then.

I'm a rail enthusiast but have many other interests too, so don't expect anything like a post every week or something.