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Posted On Tuesday 20 November 2012 by Murray Colpman (Muzer)

After a little more talk, we've decided to in addition to the previously mentioned changes, add a determiner for proper nouns. Not really much to say here, it's a determiner, and it works on proper nouns ;). It must be used on proper nouns both of the Timlan and foreign import variety.

This determiner is ton. For instance:

taropeht toneta timlan eiOpen TCP Editor

"I like timlan"

In addition, we've decided to make /::/ default to English, for brevity reasons when using it for proper nouns. We chose English because it is the language of code and the internet, not at all because we happen to speak it ;).

eqeht toneta /:Murray:/ ei

But compare:

haiseht /:Murray:/ ei

Because there Murray is just being used as a word rather than a proper noun.