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Timlan Rolls Onward ^

Posted On Wednesday 22 February 2012 by Freddie Nash (FredFace)

Howdy, Folks! All is fine and dandy where we live and work on Timlan, so, here is a nice update on what we are doing ATM and all that Jazz:

Clarity Clarification Project
So far, we've clarified about 1/3 of our words (ignoring elements), and any new words we add are being added properly. (its really tedious work).

Many thanks to Wiktionary for providing generally viable definitions. The CCP has helped me to realise how dreadful the English dictionary is, its truley horrible.

The Great Verb Project (a subset of the CCP) is working out fine, our simple syntax seems to work. Don't forget that this lushness works alongside Timlan's perfectly inferable sentence structure, you don't need to know any words syntax to work out a sentence structure, though you may be unable to derive any meaning.

Say, that word reminds me of the word Dictionary! This is intentional, it is a dictionary of affixes, you guessed right (hopefully): we have FINALLY got around to making the afix list an online system, and soon will be modifying software to utilise this. Rejoice!

{{Insert Link To Fixionary Listing Page (Build Fixionary Listing Page)}}

Alongside this grand progression, we will be writing individual blog posts for each and every affix, with detailed information about them and extencive examples. This will take a while, as we want to make these posts both coherent && meaningful, which will be first for us (ish).

Having decided that Timlan is totally epic, we intend to add full chemical compound support (like with elements). This is currently !(quite working) but isn't far off (we want it to support structure, which may take some thinking).

Random Facts
Known Timlan Speakers: 2
Current Word Count: 381 words (+elements)
Our rough accessment of Lojban: tacky
Theoretically you can learn Timlan with just 3 documents:
- Dictionary
- Fixionary
- Fonti.txt

tokouhaht setuh sui