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Lush Goodness of the Future ^

Posted On Thursday 5 January 2012 by Freddie Nash (FredFace)

Here are some of the highlights of inprogress and upcoming Timlan projects:

- More Vocab o'Clock (including a planed mathsy one)
- The Timlan Webpages will be finalised/created/reverted for the sake of consitance and existance.
- The Verb Project, where we will be adding syntax definations to ALL Timlan Verb-oids (Conjunctives, Prepositions, etc.)
- The Clarity Clarification Project, which will involve added concise definitions for all Timlan words (will take place along side the Verb works, and a whole load of Dictionary capability improvments)

Because these last two projects will be fairly-long term, some currently functional Timlan orientated software may fail. If you find that something stops working, please inform us of this matter via comments, as there is the chance we won't notice and it will go unfixed for longer than it should.

We will probably make some sort of Project Page (other than the Tim32 one) so that you can see how far we are getting with changes, and see detailed descriptions of what is actually going on.