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Posted On Tuesday 22 November 2011 by Freddie Nash (FredFace)

Here they are...

rahaw -> rahaj (holiday)
guto^qtay -> gutotaj (useful)
lah^otun -> lahotun (advocate)
mec^used -> mecused (thank)
su^usee -> susi (fool)
teko^uned -> tekuned (money)
imemenoko^qtay -> imento (implement)
efiferogqy -> efiferogqj (effective)
hoy -> hoj (want)
interogqy -> interogqj (strength)
peroqy -> peroqj (way)
say -> saj (do)
soy -> soj (feel)
makoy -> makoj (sea)
torixy -> torixi (complex)

'rahaw' and a number of other words were also changed, as we don't like having 'w' and 'y' as the ending of words (it is hard to pronounce properly).

Note also that all of the Vocab-o-Clock words have been added (we fixed the Mega Input)

tokouheht setuh sui