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Vocatives ^

Posted On Wednesday 8 June 2011 by Murray Colpman (Muzer)

We decided we needed vocatives in Timlan, last night, and after a heated debate, we decided we will have two vocative markers. Like most other things in Timlan, these act as verbs.


This roughly translates as "hailing" - it is used at the beginning of a conversation, or rarely, during one, when you need to attract somebody's attention:

voceht /!FredFace!/ dieeht sui ei

"Hailing FredFace: I greet you."


This roughly translates as "regarding" - it is used during a conversation with multiple people, when you already have the attention of the other person, but want to directly address a comment or question to them:

vokeht /!FredFace!/ iqeht wuhihyorax seluxah hyorax

"Regarding FredFace, what's the time?"

In other news, we may attempt to start translating Star Trek episodes.