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sets, groups = lists, sets ^

Posted On Friday 14 February 2014 by Murray Colpman (Muzer)

So, sets now means what lists used to mean, and groups now means what sets used to mean. We've also changed the words sit~s and lit~s to git~s and sit~s respectively, and changed any terminology in the dictionary and speedy intro.


We've also changed the default meaning of a noun on its own, to mean "the set of all things of this noun", and changed the meaning of aq to now mean "subset of". This is because types are basically sets. This means we've removed ayik because it is now useless and we don't like saying it.

We've also changed the meaning of terit so that it actually makes sense now. It is now used with rila or rilo, and means "representable as". So, you effectively say "the group that is representable as this given set" (or "the group that this given set is representable as", they're essentially equivalent)

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