Blog Post · Timlan meeting #5 minutes - 2013-11-15

Timlan meeting #5 minutes - 2013-11-15 ^

Posted On Friday 15 November 2013 by Freddie Nash (FredFace)

Minutes. Five of them. Equal to 300 seconds. And now you can say that:

eqeht c-d-r-eta unis h-eta karOpen TCP Editor

So, that's a thing. We also have derived units that comprise latin characters only. Finally, we have the ability to derive arbitrary units, using /!!/ blocks.

/!unimac-isuc-!/Open TCP Editor

== metres per second

or, for short

/!unimaisu!/Open TCP Editor

I'm sure you can work out how these work, so I don't need to bother telling you.

Ordinary units are defined like elements, but since capital letters actually matter, they are instead denoted by replacing the "i" with an "o", thus: unopiaOpen TCP Editor

This works for base units and named derived units. These are all in the dictionary for ease of use - therefore, they are proper words, unlike elements.

However, unnamed/arbitrary derived units are obviously not words, but they are still timlan so need to be placed in /!!/ blocks. They are constructed by appending an "a" after each unit for a positive exponent or a "u" for a negative one. If the modulus of the exponent is 1, the next unit (preceded by an i or an o as appropriate) may optionally follow immediately - otherwise, a number must be provided, this being the modulus of the exponent.


/!unikigaimaisud-!/ /*kilogram metres per second squared, also known as newtons, or unon*/Open TCP Editor


We haven't really done much else, aside from reminding ourselves about how time phrases must work, and looking at the potential for a timlan TTS.