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Inline TCP ^

Posted On Saturday 19 January 2013 by Freddie Nash (FredFace)

Having thought about a couple of nice ways we might make the timlan blog less scary, we had Tom write some nice JavaScript to provide inline TCP support! You can now see the TCP parsing of timlan in blog posts, and change it to see how that changes the output.

iqeht kel tiOpen TCP Editor

Just click the little icon on the right of the timlan text, and you will see the mini-inline TCP parser appear. Click it again to close it. It works really rather well, and we are all very pleased with it (thanks Tom!)

It uses tcp.exe (same as this), which is the timlan parser written in C++. It is much nicer code than the C# parser (which is always up to date) but sometimes falls behind the times a bit. For now it is pretty good, we updated it just for this.

The only real issue with with the system is that TCP is very forgiving, something a timlan parser shouldn't be! It will much rather spit out rubbish than tell you the sentence is nonsense. There are couple of issue that need resolving in TCP anyway, so that will hopefully be improved along the way.

tokouhaht setuh suiOpen TCP Editor