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BETRAYAAAAAAAAL! cokoiqeht luxenal sui ^

Posted On Tuesday 15 May 2012 by Murray Colpman (Muzer)

On Friday, the 20th of April, a person with IP address using a Vodafone contract and Android 4.0.4 with the default browser on an HTC Legend (Ice Cream Sandwich Build IMM76D) with root database access modified the definitions of some Timlan words when he should have been concentrating on Brownian Motion!

The changes have been undone. Any further transgressions will result in more severe DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS!!!

This kind of nonsense is what would be expected from creationists, not rational Tim32 engineers...

ON A LIGHTER note, we're working on a new communication-themed Vocab O'Clock, but it'll probably take a while because we're actually being competent in how many words we add this time...